I say MECHRO you say MANCER

So yha, I'm Gaige. All around genius and bad ass. Also the youngest vault hunter there is, I totally take pride in that. Not to mention the bounty on my head is like crazy high due to creating a giant death bot. Cause I am just that awesome.

M!anon: none

((independent mechromancer [borderlands 2] rp I am still going through the game so bare with me. I am willing to rp with anyone.
Please read the About page when you can.))


gaige from borderlands 2 just a sketch 


"I’m a little annoyed that Machinima didn’t put Gaige or Krieg into their “Tales from the HQ” videos. I wanted to see what Krieg would have done to that Mime Psycho when he was trying to steal the Crimson Raiders’ Guns."

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Mechromancer Gaige - Borderlands 2 by N1ghtDrag0n


Gaige by Kristix


Sorry for not being on here for a while, my muse kinda left me. She seems to do that to me during summers. Seriously this is the second summer she left me alone on some weird muse vacation. Super sorry about that.


Borderlands 2 [mechromancer]

favourite female characters in gaming ➭ [19/20]
gaige | borderlands 2 (2012)


Gaige, go home…you’re drunk….literally…


gaige n zer0 are my two favorite vault hunters


Gaige from Borderlands 2.